10-12 September 2019


By tradition, the All-Ukrainian Food Technology Week was held in Kyiv in early autumn. The exhibition of confectionery industry "SWEETS UKRAINE 2018" was held within its framework.

The following officials took part in the official opening ceremony of exhibitions: Nikolay Kvasha Director of Animal Breeding Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, Carolien Spaans – Agricultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, Zafer Kirmizitas – the representative of the collective organizer of the Turkish exposition, Aleksandr Vasilchenko – Director General of "Ukrhlebprom" Association and Yuriy Kozhanov – Vice President of Association of Confectionery Producers "Ukrkonditer".

 The priorities of the Ukrainian government include not only European quality standards, but also the European way of life, ideals of a healthy and balanced diet, organic production and support of local production traditions. Further development of the industry and competitiveness of domestic food products are inseparably linked to the modernization of equipment and introduction of modern technology, which, first of all, are the result of innovative research of scientists and research teams.

Compared to the previous year, exhibitions gained momentum and demonstrated the revival of business activity in Ukraine.

Confectionery industry is one of the most developed sectors of the food industry of Ukraine. The total production output of enterprises is more than 1 million tons of products per year, what allows to fully meet the needs of the domestic market and to export significant amounts of products abroad.

The confectionery market is divided into three main segments: sugary products, floury products and chocolate goods. Almost all product groups of the confectionery industry develop due to mastering of new formulations and improvement of technological equipment by manufacturers.

"SWEETS UKRAINE" is held specifically with the purpose of implementation of these tasks.

In modern conditions, companies should make the transition to a broader range of products or to focus their attention on that market segments that were previously left out of their attention. Analyzing the confectionery consumption trend of Ukraine’s population, we can conclude that companies of the industry should change their business activity strategy in order to hold the relevant position in the market.

The following industry-specific events were held within the framework of confectionery industry exhibition "SWEETS UKRAINE": Professional Confectionery Tasting Competition "Sweet Triumph" and Professional Confectionery Packing Competition "Triumph of Package". "Sweet Triumph" competition was attended by 13 leading enterprises of Ukraine, namely Confectionery Factories "Zhytomyrski Lasoshchi" and "Kharkivchanka", Chernihiv Factory "Strela", Rivne Confectionery Factory, as well as "Lasoshchi", "Zhako" and "Charivna Mozaika" companies, Dnipropetrovsk Food Concentrates Plant and others. In total, more than 60 samples of products were presented, namely candies, marshmallows, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, waffles and much more. Almost all products belonged to new formulations of manufacturers.

The permanent participants of "Triumph of Package" Competition presented their new developments. These were "Kaskad", "Charivna Mozaika" and "Grona" companies, as well as a new participant – "Rovesta Elit" Company from Lutsk.

The ceremony of awarding the winners of competitions was held during the exhibition, namely at the 3-rd Specialized Scientific and Practical Conference "Achievements and development prospects of confectionery industry". This event was organized by scientists of the National University of Food Technologies, "Ukrkondprom" Association and "ACCO International" Exhibition Company.

The conference, which was attended by heads and key technologists of industry enterprises, as well as leading scientists, postgraduates and students of specialized higher educational institutions, was held in businesslike and constructive atmosphere. Such issues as safety and quality of food products, standardization in the confectionery industry and manufacture of foods for special purposes were addressed, and problems related to introduction of innovative technologies, use of new raw materials and other important tasks of the industry were discussed.

All the specialists had an opportunity to visit scientific and practical conference on energy saving "Resource- and energy-saving technologies for the production and packaging of food products the main components of competitiveness" during the exhibition. The issues related to increasing the efficiency of food products manufacture through the introduction of innovative resource-saving technologies in the process of manufacture and packaging of products, as well as the problems related to effectiveness of logistics solutions were addressed at the conference.


“SWEETS UKRAINE” is an effective tool to promote products, find partners and receive information about the latest technologies and market trends.


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